Enjoy the Great Outdoors on a Stunning Deck, Through Your New Porch Windows, or Out of a Polished New Door.

We Build Decks, Upgrade Porches, and Replace Main Doors in Constock Park, Ada & Grand Rapids, MI

Are you using your landscape to its full potential? Boost curb appeal with a top-quality deck, change your one season porch to a three season porch, or add a great new entry and door with JBJ BUILDING & REMODELING INC. We build beautiful deck additions, up date enclosed porches, and put in striking entry doors for homeowners in the Comstock Park and Grand Rapids, Michigan areas.

Up the value of your home and it's efficiency, speak with a contractor today to go over your design options.

4 reasons to get a deck for your property

There are many reasons you should add a deck to your property. A deck in your backyard:

  1. Is great for entertaining guests-get out the grill. It's time for cookouts with friends and family.
  2. Will increase the value of your home-Homes with additions are prized on the real estate market.
  3. Can enhance the beauty of your yard-A composite or wooden deck can make your space really stand out.
  4. Gives you extra space-No need to cram the whole gang in the house for a party. Get more wiggle room with a spacious deck.

Ready to enhance your yard? Schedule a deck addition with JBJ BUILDING & REMODELING INC. today.