A Home Built Just For You

Get a custom-built home in Comstock Park, Ada & Grand Rapids, MI

If settling for a house on the market just isn't your style, reach out to JBJ BUILDING & REMODELING INC. We have been constructing custom-built homes for residents of the Comstock Park and Grand Rapids, MI area for over a decade. We can design a house for you that meets all your needs and feels like home.

Call now to start your custom-built home design with an experienced contractor from JBJ BUILDING & REMODELING INC..

Why should you get a custom-built home?

There is no need to buy a cookie-cutter house that doesn't have the space or features you desire. You can get your dream home built the way you want it when you choose JBJ BUILDING & REMODELING INC. as your contractor.

Building a home allows you to determine:

  • How many bedrooms and bathrooms you want
  • The style of your home and the layout design
  • If you want a custom basement, tile work and cabinets
  • Outdoor features, such as decks

Start building your dream home today. Call now !